Easter Island was an island constructed by the leaders of Rebels, including Lmluc99 and ShawarmaHog. It was

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never remade after it's first creation in late December 2011.

Arrival of AlliesEdit

Soon after it's creation, the African Ambassador of the time, IronHoarder, was sent to make a room in the replica of the twin towers which was present on the island. After that, other large allies of the Rebels began contributing troops as well including factions such as Thebeast5282's BadCompany and Kesh40's Africa. This continued, but after a raid by Tomakers88 and a war decleration from ShawarmaHog and IronHoarder against Richards213 and Kbizzleable, the island came under assault.

The Assault and DestructionEdit

Despite the island's remote location at almost 20,000 blocks from spawn (No block limit had been set at that time), the base was continually attacked from all directions by Tomakers88, Richards213, and Kbizzleable, who managed to light some TNT, burn down Soph00's house and the Rebel Town hall, and damage frontal fortifications. Although IronHoarder and Lmluc99 led the defence, they eventually had to leave, at which point Richards213 infiltrated the base and destroyed the twin towers replica, the pinnacle acheivement of the base. The base was attempted to be remade but was ultimantely a failure as the location at that time was common

Canada was a leading participant in the defense.


Notable FeaturesEdit

Notable features of the island included a replica of the twin towers reaching up to 128 blocks high, which included several embassies from factions such as Africa, Rebels, USA, and some minor factions that were allies to Rebels (NewYork) at the time. Other features include a large Rebel-built and controlled town hall containing supplies which was quickly raided by Tomakers88 after the outbreak of combat. Soph00 and Lmluc99 both had homes in the area which were made of wool and wood, which were also burned down. After the outbreak of combat the following defenses were hastily erected by IronHoarder:

  • Walls and Gaurd Towers around the island perimeter
  • Internal Archer Towers from Soph00 and Lmluc99
  • The Mines were blocked off by IronHoarder and Lmluc99

These defenses took heavy damage from enemy TNT sabatoge, but they were held valiantly by the defenders for around an hour before most players had to log off, at which point the base was free to be looted.