Dead as of ancient times.

Germany was a faction that was made up primarily of ex-Arabia members, and continue to attack old Arabia's enemies. Only the elite few who were trusted members of Arabia were allowed in to the faction. Germany's intent is to continue the mission that Arabia started, and that is to dominate the world of combat.

It's current members are:


The Germans are simply remnants of old Arabia, and is successors, like Sweden and Apache. They have accomplished much, even while German. These accomplishments include:

Raiding several factions, including: Elven, Latvia, Canada, Fire, and Dawn

Also building large underground bases in the desert, rival to the largest bases found aboveground.

Recently, Germany's base was located by 109er2, but was saved by IronHoarder, who managed to move all the items from their base to a new, unknown base.

At this time, IronHoarder has changed to a new faction, Macedon , created by himself, and for himself.