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NGGentertainment is the owner of MinecraftWar and until now had stayed out of clan wars.

He is responsible for the beautiful spawn area and many other areas.

NGGentertainment contacted Kesh40 , Squirrel_council and Mikekill, and Africa was born.

NGGentertainment was voted king of Africa  and led his country well.

He led the assault on the first Roman base and helped defend the watchtower.

When Alpha base was destroyed, NGGentertainment took Kesh40 , Mikekill, squirrel_council and NorbertG11 under his wing to form The Kings Private Guard.

When Rome surrendered, NGG and Kesh40 agreed to go their separate ways and govern separate countries to make the server interesting.

Kesh40 remained and controlled Africa while NGGentertainment took NorbertG11 and formed North Korea.

North Korea raided multiple bases of Africa and their allies.

When the server added factions, The key North Korea and Africa members joined up creating the Elites.

Time went by and the 3 of elites bases got ready, NGG got bored of being in the elites so he left and joined a clan called the "Warriors" its made up of guests and members.