North Korean Flag

2012-04-23 13.38.14

Coolnight failing

Former Leader - NGGentertainment

Former Co-Leader - NorbertG11

Former Leader of Alpha - NorbertG11

Former Leader of Bravo - cronus9981

Former Leader of Charlie - Coolnight25

No longer in existance

The 3rd Faction on the server, due to Rome Surrendering against Africa.

History - The Faction was formed arround Rome 's Bitter Surrended which made Africa the only Faction, NGGentertainment Made Kesh40 leader of Africa and he left Africa to form North Korea. About 2-weeks after the founding of N-Korea, the clan became active when chronus95 was put in charge of Bravo.almost imeadeately Korea obtaind 4 more recruits and with that help and a fonz insider; successfully raided and destroyed Fonz. As of now we have Alpha base Charlie base and a compramised bravo base[ due to a spy problem, were going to fix that :) ]We are a very advanced in redstone, testing facilities, we communicate verry fast on skype and have a srive to be the best.

UPDATE: Korea and Africa merged to form The Elite6. You want to find out more? talk to ghosts...