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What you Get?

  • Every Member Command And Bonus
  • Every Vip Command And Bonus
  • Is on the whitelist, so you are able to play when we are building and testing stuff
  • Able to make warp signs, simply do "MyWarp" first line, second line do [Name of warp]

  • Every Mcmmo Skill and Ability Like.....
  • Mining - Quicker At Miner and Double Drops on Ores
  • Woodcutting - Quicker At Woodcutting and Double Drops on Wood
  • Excavation - Quicker At Digging, Double Drop and Random Drop
  • Unarmed - Increased Damage and Chance to Disarm Enemy Player
  • Axes - Increase Axe Damage and Chance to Deal Critical Hits
  • Repair - Ability to Repair Iron and Above Tools and Armor with A Iron Block
  • Acrobatics - Chance to Roll when Falling to Stop Fall Damage

  • /ascend , /descend and /ceil -lets you move up and down threw blocks like and /ceil teleports you to the ceiling
  • Able to create warps with /warp set [Name Of Warp]
  • /bb stick 1, /bb stick 2 and /bb here = lets you see who placed/destoryed what block and when, useful to see who raided your base.
  • //wand and //size - Lets you see how many blocks there are in a certain Region
  • Supervip Status on the forums
  • Able to use the Weekly Wednesday updates first!
  • Have a even greater say over how the server is run