The Kings Private Guard was a small group of the 5 elitist and loyalist africans which included the King NGGentertainment, Alpha Leader Kesh40, Bravo Leader Mikekill5435, Bravo Co-leader Squirrel_Council and Charlie leader NorbertG11 that were dedicated to bringing down Rome .

They acted as the masterminds of Africa where they resided in the most technologically advanced base in Africa and most probably the server!

This base was the first of its kind with cobble farms, mob spawners, cauldrons, On-site Sugar, Mushroom and Even Fish Farm aswell as a off-site Tree and Wheat farm last but not least a large African church and Library!

The chest had a hidden switch connected to a hidden door for added secruity, all the other doors had hidden for a massive deffensive advantage but the switches were not hidden.