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Thepecher has been a player on the server for a very, very long time and has built a reputation for fear of him.

Humble BegginingsEdit

Pecher began on his own, until he was pulled into the Knights of the Fonz by SDG3xOV3RBOSS and Haribo1202. This clan was and is very popular and powerful. He lived and maintained the Stronghold of the Fonz, a massive hidden base which housed the large and powerful faction, as well as the Crown of Africa. It was 4 floors (underground), each 5-6 blocks tall, and it was under a large ocean. The Knights were betrayed after Hansington's ban and Pecher was named a Gaurdian of the Fonz. North Korea attacked and destroyed the great Stronghold. He rejoined shortly afterwords under The__Fonz and Haribo1202, but soon left again due to constant attacks from North Korea. He then join Japan, a great and powerful faction which would go onto raid many factions, which was led by Haribo1202 at the time. He eventually rose up the ranks to become the righthand man of Haribo, and after Haribo's ban he became owner of Japan, where he allied himself with Arabia...

The ShogunateEdit

Thepecher worked together with SDG3xOV3RBOSS, Haribo1202, Minemaster321, and James_Moore to raid


many, many bases. They quickly became greatly reveared and feared on the server. They the allied with Arabia, where Pecher became good friends with Gavoon and had an embassy in the Arabian base. They raided even more bases together, until Pecher went inactive and Japan fell apart.

The factions raided by Japan and Arabia are listed here:

Reborn in KyotoEdit

After Haribo's ban, Japan was greatly weakened, but Pecher led them to many great victories which brought Japan up again. Working with Arabia until it's destruction, it became stronger until it's eventual demise due to
800px-Flag of Japan (bordered).svg

The Japanese flag.

player inactivity. The server eventually went down, but after it came back up, Hansigton and Haribo were both unbanned, allowing the Knights of the Fonz to be reborn. They worked some with IronHoarder's SPQR and ShawarmaHog's Rebels, but soon rifts were forming. A bumpy relationship was to come between the Knights and the Rebels and SPQR. Pecher remained unactive until he joined up with Kesh40's Africa and some of his former Korean enemies. He again went inactive for some time, and the server was under turmoil with leadership and administration changes that were not very smooth. He has since become active again and has created and maintains the faction Japan once again. He has applied for moderator and his application is pending at this time.